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GrowAbric is an international knowledge broker, design thinking, management consulting and technology services company. Merging academic expertise with applicable knowhow, GrowAbric offers a complete service for the knowledge based industries and projects

  • Successful development and delivery of a whole of business initiative – holistic business analysis & entrepreneurship.
  • Focus on strategy, performance and added value perspectives.
  • Strong knowledge and resource management experience – including the implementation of a virtual resource pools.
  • Highly developed analytical skills – solving complex business problems.
  • Delivery of tangible business outcomes through technology – digital transformation
  • Coaching & mentoring of (junior) team members – ability to lead and drive high performance.
  • Strong problem formulation and solution shaping capabilities – facilitation skills and an ability to achieve consensus.
  • Excellent communication and influencing skills – exceptional negotiation skills – quick assessment of social situations.
  • Technology driven change management – business transformation and improvement.
  • Innovation and digital strategy development and implementation – knowledge brokering.
  • Adapting & evolving projects and businesses – incorporate innovative approaches (design thinking, lean, agile)
  • Technology design & development

Context & innovation

Innovation is often described as introducing something novel. It is like a magic word, full of promises without anyone seemingly able to explain how it works and how it can be implemented. Being a knowledge broker, at GrowAbric we take a holistic approach on the whole concept of innovation, development and problem solving. Through context-analysis, besides establishing in depth diagnosis of any issue, we are truly able to offer a unique and optimal solution for you Furthermore, unlike axiomatic systems, we are aware of rapidly changing (business) dynamics and tailor our solutions accordingly.