Simply put, strategy is a high level plan to achieve goals under various factors of uncertainty. At growAbric strategy is synonymous with structure and framework which is developed in function of a specific context while continuously being aware of uncertainty and thus focusing on resilience.

We define design as: visual communication of a (dynamic) system. Which always implies a context and interaction of an object/process with its context. And design thinking we describe as: Visual communication of a dynamic system, with the designer continuously aware of changing perception.

growAbric solves problems and optimises processes based on design thinking and knowledge brokering. Focus on interaction, fast recognition, and constant improvement in the world of rapidly changing business dynamics. In visuals, the firm strives for multi-layered elegance and design.

The core concept behind knowledge brokering is the activation of latent knowledge and cumulative systems building by providing linkages between knowledge pools. It is all about asking the right questions and providing a systemic view placing each expertise into a relative perspective.

To illustrate that we walk the walk. Each project page is structured with an upper section describing the what and/or the why, followed by three chronological pathways elaborating further on the technology; concept&design; and business aspects of the project.